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Today is part two of my interview with Kell Lester. In this episode, we dive into Kelly’s return to faith after all she had suffered, and her views on abortion, and pro-life. Kelly attributes her recovery to her connection to faith and healing and saw just how beauty triumphs from the ashes. Through telling her story, Kelly is giving hope that you can come back from the ugly of life, and you can make it beautiful.
Today I am joined by Kelly Lester, and the conversation was so in-depth, that we had to split it into two parts. In this episode, Kelly shares her story of sexual abuse, abortions, and how to be a safe place for your children to open up about their lives. Kelly believes in creating a place in your home for your children to feel safe to fail so that when the big challenges of life come up, they can trust you will be there to support them. After a rape and later abortion when she was 15, Kelly had drastic changes in her life. She was forced to grow up fast and deviate from the life she was building for herself. Kelly bravely shares her story and advocates for safe places for young women to share their own stories. Listen in to this tough and important conversation.
In this episode, I am joined by Patrick Carroll and he walks us through the possibilities of energetically removing traumatic experiences through shamanic practices. When Patrick began his shamanic training, he was faced with a repeating question, “Why, years later, has the traumatic effect not faded?”. What he found was a term called entanglement. Entanglement comes after a very intense emotional event or trauma that connects a victim to the perpetrator. Patrick is considered a trauma surgeon, as he connects to the threads that are still tying a victim to their perpetrator and goes in to remove them for deeper healing. Listen in to this riveting conversation and Patrick’s message of hope for healing.
Today I am joined by Joan-Claire Gilbert as she shares with us the impact of living a life full of gratitude. Gratitude is about being present to the miracles around us and creating an abundance mindset to combat the overthinking mind of anxiety. Joan describes the past traumas in her life that helped her find gratitude for not only the present moment but also the challenges in her life. Listen in as we talk about the importance of gratitude, honoring our inner child, and using the tool of deep presence to gain freedom from anxiety.
Today I am joined by the brave and inspiring Jenann Richards. For the first time, she shares the story of her addiction and recovery. Jenann discusses the importance of telling her story to help other addicts step into recovery. The journey has had many ups and downs and Jenann is grateful for them all, as […]
In this episode, I am joined by the absolute bundle of joy, Johanna White. Johanna shares with us her amazing story of faith, joy, and self-healing. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, Johanna was faced with many uncertainties. Through her faith and act of choosing joy daily, she battled and overcame the symptoms of her brain tumor. For Johanna, joy is the antidote to fear and uncertainty, which shifted her mindset to healing and so much more. Listen in to Johanna’s powerful message.
Today I am joined by the inspiring Teri Wellbrock. She shares with us her life-altering journey with healing after the many traumas she has gone through. Teri believes in the power of hope in our healing journeys and really getting to thrive in our lives after trauma. It is never too late to start your healing. Listen in for a beautiful conversation of difficult traumas, healing, hope, and forgiveness.
Today I am joined by the fabulous Clarissa Burt and she is talking about all things self-esteem. She shares with us just how essential healthy self-esteem is to the fabric of our lives. You get to stop the toxicity in your life and create the one you want. Clarissa describes how the development of self-esteem will feel uncomfortable and be so rewarding doing the work. Don’t be afraid of failure, as it is an opportunity to learn. Listen in, for an uplifting conversation on the possibilities of growth towards healthy self-esteem.

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