The World’s Best Trauma Recovery Podcast provides clear explanations, effective strategies and practical tools to help you to confront your darkest moments, neutralize the past traumas and discharge their negative impact on your life!

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In this episode, the World’s Best Courage Coach, Laban Ditchburn, and who is also my darling fiance, talks about why it’s so important to share about your trauma, what was his experience after I opened up about my sexual abuse, and how it has changed our relationship. This episode will also help you to prepare for the conversation and provide you with helpful tips, and ways to cope with negative reactions if they occur.
Still not sure if you are a people pleaser or just extremely kind to others? Feel exhausted from trying to make everyone happy? Then this episode is for you! I am thrilled to be joined by Elizabeth Martin-Chan – a Disruptor, Podcaster, and Guide. She helps humans climb out of The People Pleasing Rabbit Hole so they can know their needs and desires; lovingly embrace their gifts, passions, and dreams, while confidently standing in their innate worth. Elizabeth is on a mission to subvert self-hate culture and reclaim intuitive wisdom. She is your accomplice in disrupting status quos so you can reclaim self-acceptance and Fearlessly Thrive in your authentic innate worth.
In this episode, Dr. B shares her secret on how to overcome shame and fear of judgment when you open up to the world. We also talk about infertility issues after sexual abuse, what are some of the benefits of trauma, and why it’s so important to heal.
Are you someone who has it all together on the surface, but deep down still can’t overcome blocks created by pain, shame, guilt, and fear from trauma (of any kind) and that still grappling with? Is it holding you back from being happy, free, fulfilled, and living the life of your dreams? Hi, I am Anna Maydonova! Welcome to the “World’s Best Trauma Recovery Podcast!” #WBTRP and in this episode, I share my origin story in all its real, raw, and riveting glory!

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