Don’t allow your past experience

to limit you in what you can do

or who you are!

Hi, my name is Anna Ditchburn!

I want to lovingly welcome you into my world today!

Anna is known affectionally as the World’s Best Life-Optimization coach.

She shows people how to eliminate shame, pain, guilt, fear of judgement and limiting beliefs from their lives and how to use the power of their minds to achieve miraculous outcomes!

Her skills include being a childhood trauma removal hypnotherapist, relationship expert and host of the “World’s Best Trauma Recovery” podcast.

She empowers others with her ultimate courage, stories of healing and forgiveness.

Systemic sexual abuse by a stepfather, two pregnancies and two forced abortions, resulted in then sixteen consecutive miscarriages, were once Anna’s only story.

Now her story is that she has reclaimed her power, freed herself from the tether of shame and pain, and has made her life purpose to help others to do the same to live the life of their dreams.

Did you know that it’s possible that your past childhood trauma can hold you back from being truly happy?

Do you have everything materialistic to enjoy your life, but something quiet isn’t right?

On the outside, you look like you have it all together, but inside you doubt yourself, feel shame and guilt, anger and worry about what others think of you?

Are you feeling disconnected and unable to relate to others?

I see you! I’ve been there!

The fantastic news is it doesn’t have to be this way!

Let me show you how our traumas can be used for good and be a powerful source of inspiration for self-development, self-love and healing.

It’s your time now to have an even happier and more fulfilling life, even more meaningful and loving relationships, and even better health and wellbeing.

Start Living Your Best Life Now!

Because you simply can.

What clients are saying

I know I will never get stuck again…

I am so blessed to meet Anna and do a hypnotherapy session with her… Because one of the things that are a huge challenge for me is self-doubt and really wondering if I can make a difference with what I’m doing.

Anna was able to take me so deep.. She really got me to get back to some pivotal moments when I was really young… and help me identify the messages that were buried inside the experiences that I had… And understand really key transformations that were happening that I didn’t understand were happening because I was too young… I just feel a night and day difference.

Elaine Starling

An international TEDx speaker, bestselling author, coach, mentor, and podcast host of The Abundance Journey™ Elaine Starling

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