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In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Lena Cebula, and she shares her heroine journey as a human trafficking survivor to living her life’s purpose of helping others to speak up about their traumas. Lena speaks about the importance of speaking about your trauma to release yourself from shame and judgment. She offers the advice of writing out your trauma to heal and love those parts of yourself you once shamed. Listen in to this powerful conversation!
Today I am joined by the wonderful Susan Birch. She shares with us the difficult trauma she suffered and some of the tools she used to help herself begin healing. Susan stresses the important role that nutrition and self-care play in your healing journey. Making you and your health a priority helps you deal with traumas and the other stressors of life. Listen in for some excellent advice for your healing journey.
In this episode, I am joined by Kevin Tuttle, and we have a beautifully vulnerable and honest conversation about the impact of unresolved trauma. Kevin shares his story of childhood trauma and finally faces the biggest challenge of addressing himself to begin his healing. Unresolved trauma can have massive effects on all aspects of your life. We develop unhelpful patterns of coping that are actually leading to our own self-destruction. Listen in, as Kevin shares with us, in deep honesty, how he stopped keeping secrets, told his story, and began to see healing on the other side. There is healing for you and you are not in this alone!
In this episode, I am joined by Dr.Robb Kelly. He shares with us his challenging journey with addiction and how he came out the other side. Dr.Robb believes anyone can change their circumstance and that you can have the amazing life you dream of. Shifting your mindset to believing you can do it and that anything is possible is the first step. Taking one day at a time, change can be possible. Listen in to Dr. Robbs’s words of wisdom and the knowledge that you are worth it and can get out of the hole you’re in.
In this episode, I had the pleasure of talking with Angela Bennett. She is a transformational coach that uses her life experiences to help others live their best lives. Angela shares her journey to self-love after her traumatic experience at the age of 14. She discusses the powerful benefits she has gained from her trauma and how she uses it as a guide to living her life to the fullest. Listen in to learn how not to beat yourself up for the mistakes and downfalls of your life and lean into loving yourself fiercely.
In this episode, I am joined by Vivian McGrath as she shares with us how to redefine your self-worth after trauma. Vivian works with women to step out of the mindset of a scared little girl into a powerful and aligned woman. She shares with us how not to let trauma define your story as you are not what happened to you. You can build a successful life after trauma. Listen in to rise up out of your insecurities to find your own self-worth and the beauty within.
In this episode, I am joined by the brave and wonderful Nancy V. Brown as she shares with us what drives her passion for helping children who have experienced abuse. Through her own experience of child abuse at the age of 5, Nancy is a survivor who understands and is advocating for children to have safe places to share their stories. She has difficult conversations about child abuse and suicide to reduce the shame and embarrassment for children. Listen in to her powerful healing journey as she encourages us to find hope and heal together.
Have you ever felt incomplete or not the same after a traumatic event? Today I am joined by Christina Lee Pratt and she shares with us her shamanic technique of soul retrieval to help heal traumatic events. When we experience a shocking or overwhelming event our energetic soul will fragment, and we learn to adapt and live without that piece of ourselves. Christina walks us through the acceptance of this process and how to retrieve the pieces of ourselves that we have lost and integrate them back into our soul’s purpose.

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