Ep.10-Why Breaking the Silence Is So Important

Have you ever experienced sexual abuse by people in positions of power? 

In this episode, our incredible guest, Perry Power, a storyteller, coach, activist, and the author of “Breaking The Silence”, shares his story about being sexually abused by his grandfather at the age of 10, why his own father told him to keep quiet and how Perry uncovered the family secret related to a decades-long cover-up of child abuse within the Roman Catholic Church. 

After living in secrecy for over 12 years that led him down a path of self-sabotage, Perry now broke his silence and embark on a mission to help as many victims as he could to also break theirs. 


About our guest:

Perry Power is a storyteller, author, coach, and charity co-founder. Ranking up 2.3M likes and 125K followers on TikTok, Perry’s message of helping sexually abused survivors break their silence speaks to the hearts of many all over the world. His activism work, coaching, and storytelling have been featured in The Sun, MTV, Sky, and TEDx.

To learn more about Perry, including his charity “We Rescue Kids” and the book “Breaking the Silence: Stories From Survivors of Sexual Abuse”, check out the links below:






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