Ep.11- The Secret of Healing with Dr Daniel “Carl Jung 2.0” Harner

When was the last time you felt fully present at the moment?

 What about feeling connected to your inner self?

 Are you missing out on a truly intimate relationship with yourself? 

After the first incident of sexual abuse by my stepfather, I became disconnected and isolated from my body. It wasn’t a safe place for my soul anymore. Even though I looked like I had it all together on the outside, inside I was in a disaster zone.

If you have ever experienced something similar than this is just for you 

In this episode, Dr. Harner explains how unresolved trauma prevents you from living your high-quality life, what is the most powerful tool in healing, and how to find a good therapist for yourself.  

Known as a psycho-spiritual mentor, therapist, healer, spiritual guide, wizard, Carl Jung 2.0, researcher, and explorer, he himself went through the anxiety of separation and deep internal loneliness. 

At the age of 24, he transplanted himself to Sedona, Arizona from Austria in order to deeply immerse himself in the study and practice of psychotherapy and psycho-spiritual transformation and healing, alongside some of the world’s most esteemed psychotherapists, spiritual teachers, researchers, and healers. 

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