Ep.18-Why Setting Goals is so Important For Healing and Recovery

Today I am joined by the wonderful and inspiring Nick Prefontaine, and he shares his passion for helping others get to the other side of trauma or crisis. Nick takes us through is his journey of recovery from a snowboarding accident at the age of 14 and how setting the goal to run out of the hospital helped him achieve his own recovery. Listen in as we discuss the importance of setting goals that are motivated from your internal source to guide you where you want to go. There is a path through our trauma to the other side and all it takes is that first step.

About our guest:

Nick Prefontaine is a speaker, Founder and CEO of Common Goal a company that inspires and leads motivated people to their common goal. Our Mission is to provide people with the support and tools to achieve their limitless potential. He’s an Amazon Best Selling author of The New Rules of Real Estate and co-hosts “Not Just a Transaction” podcast that explores the many creative options available for buying or selling a home. Nick and their family team have helped hundreds of people buy and sell even when they thought it wasn’t possible. Nick has been featured in Brainz Magazine and on The Big Talk Podcast




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