Ep.16-Move Away From Fear and Redirect Your Focus

What is it that you really want? Do you want to be looking in the rearview mirror at your fears or do you want to look forward and be open to what is coming your way? In this episode, I am joined by the wonderful Tim Shurr and he shares with us the power of redirecting your focus to what you do want from life. Tim acknowledges that we are going to have fears, but it is how we use those fearful experiences to lean into what we want to move with the fear and onto our greater goals. Listen in as Tim discusses focusing on what we can control, developing a new sense of self and beliefs, and how hypnosis can unlock the true power of your mind.

About our guest:

Tim Shurr, MA, is the World’s #1 OBA Hypnotist and founder of the One Belief Away Hypnosis Method. He facilitated over 15,000 individual coaching sessions and hundreds of group training experiences over the last 32 years and discovered how to quickly eliminate anxiety and self-sabotage while skyrocketing self-confidence, productivity, and happiness. Tim’s approach is so effective, that he’s been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, and the TEDx stage. His books can be found on Amazon.com and he’s the host of the popular, How To Be Mesmerizing podcast. IndyHypnosis.com Tim’s mission is to end needless emotional suffering and he’s building an Army Of Healers to help veterans free themselves and their families from PTSD. (www.obahypnosis.com)

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